CareToShare Featured In Instantprint Startup Story

We were recently encouraged to enter a competition run by Instantprint to find five fast growing startups to be featured in their blog for growing businesses. We were delighted to find out CareToShare had been chosen to be featured and they wanted to write a story about our growth from idea to current situation. The interview can be seen here.

What was most fascinating for us as founders was reading the stories from other startups who had been interviewed and how different everyone’s journey had been yet in many ways we were all on the path to the same goal. We look forward to helping Instantprint in the future and hopefully inspiring others looking to take the leap into starting a business.


Co-Founder of Instantprint James Kinsella had this to say: “Stories play a huge part for businesses who want their brand to resonate with their customers. Although it doesn’t always make sense in pure logic terms, I can think of many suppliers who we have chosen to work with as a business because their story has created trust and therefore an understanding between us. Customers are attracted to brands with authentic stories, so as small businesses, we should focus on communicating our stories to customers.”

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