CareToShare User Survey Uncovers The Six Skills We Wish We Had Learnt At School

  • 64% said they wish they had learnt better IT or Computer skills
  • Over 70% had a desire to learn DIY or Cooking skills
  • 64% recommended the sharing economy to a friend or family member


CareToShare, a platform that brings people together to help share their knowledge, skills and tasks, today announced the results of a survey exploring the skills people wished they had been taught at school. The survey, carried out amongst 1000 active users, revealed that 64% said they wished they had learnt IT skills, while over 70% had a desire to learn DIY or Cooking skills.


CareToShare was conceived with the vision to help people teach new skills, share knowledge and receive help for tasks. 88% of users surveyed said they expect to earn a significant amount of money per month from sharing their skills and tasks, with the average a user expected to earn a month being £390. Due to the current demand for skills and task helping, many users are spending over 6 hours per week sharing skills.

Co-Founder and CEO Nick Segrue said, “The goal when conceiving the idea for CareToShare was to help people learn new skills and earn extra money from the skills they currently had. It’s wonderful to see that CareToShare is providing a platform that has a wealth of enthusiastic users, all keen to share skills that people require help with and a place for users to find them.”


  • IT or Computer skills: Computer literacy is now considered a very important skill to possess. Employers want their workers to have basic computer skills, while older generations may want to learn simple computer skills to keep in touch with their friends and family, or learn how to use new technology. To date, CareToShare users have provided basic Word and Excel skills, Skype tutorials and even coding courses to other members, saving them the expense of an extensive course and fitting into their schedule.


  • DIY skills: While many of us may be able to manage simple DIY tasks, CareToShare offers a simple site to request or offer the skills you need to properly complete tasks in your home or garden, and even tackle those upgrades and improvements you have on your list, without calling out an expensive repairman or buying costly tools.


  • Cooking skills: Many users want to make better meals, but CareToShare is a great place to share recipes, learn about new cultures through food, provide an extra pair of hands for a dinner party and just have fun! From gluten free cooking, to Malaysian cuisine, to effective gym meal planning, the platform has catered for numerous culinary requests.


  • Study skills / Tutoring: With a number of students and teachers on the CareToShare platform offering tutoring and study skills, children and adults can learn more efficient ways of studying, time management skills, exam preparation and build more confidence in their learning ability.


  • Learning a language: Whether you would like to improve your English, brush up before a holiday, learn a new language or improve your conversational fluency from beginner to advanced, CareToShare can fit around your schedule and ability level, to help you boost your brain power.


  • Interview preparation: While a school education is useful in helping prepare people for work, interview training and CV writing is often neglected. CareToShare includes a number of members with deep experience in a number of roles and sectors, offering interview training, CV writing advice and helping to build confidence ahead of an interview.

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